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What Do You Think....

This site was created to get your opinion on a Carroll Reunion. I think it would be awesome if we had the reunion for all descendants of  Watene Kara & Haromi Poipoi.

In 2011, a discussion arose via facebook with whanau/whanaunga, about holding a Carroll reunion.  Since that time, I had asked whanau/whanaunga  near and far, what were their thoughts regarding a reunion. All agreed that a reunion should be held and an input of whanau participation for such an event was needed.

Since we have had our discussion on facebook/event page i have decided too make a website for all the whanau/whanaunga too visit on a daily basis for updates etc..

Kia ora whanau/whanaunga as you see our store hasn't opened yet still in the process 
off finishing it. will keep you's all updated  

Kia ora whanau keep doing your "VOTES" on the polls 


As you can see we haven't finished yet.I know how eager the whanau wanted 2 check the site out so here it is we will be going in daily to ad on etc...So please bear with us and I hope with the help of my sister in law (Bridget Taylor) and my daughter Suzzanne(susu) we will have an A1 site kia ora 

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